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Rush Royale is a free tower defense game where you can see epic bosses, coop, PvP. The game is available for mobile phones on android and ios.

Download “Rush Royale” Rush-Royale-mobile – Downloaded 338 times –

Rush Royale App’s description
Welcome to the Isle of Rhandum, a land filled with magic and mayhem! Collect units, build a base defensive deck, and prepare for one of the most unusual TD games – Rush Royale!

Mini warriors are ready to fight on the battlefield! You have a plethora of adorable yet terrifying troops at your disposal, from sharp-eyed Archers and cunning Trappers to aggressive Bruisers and elegant Blade Dancers! Merge troops and carefully manage your mana – plan your strategy around your deck’s strengths! Don’t forget about Heroes – these heroic warriors possess the most potent skills!

In multiplayer, defeat your opponents! Break down opponent Tower Defense, advance, and get more prizes! Ascend the arena rankings and combat with the most strong players for the chance to receive magnificent rewards! But careful, fortune may be as fickle as a throw of the dice. To counteract the random characteristics of PvP, you must adhere to a certain plan and win by cunning and brains rather than physical power!

Join the Co-Op mode and go on an adventure with your pals to discover Rhandum! Defend your castle against evil bosses and their minions. Defense games are never boring when you’re fighting monsters together! Raid dungeons for unique treasure!

There are several factions in the game, ranging from the Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light, and each unit and hero is assigned to one of them. Despite the random nature of the battle, the game’s balance is sophisticated. There are no “weak” or “strong” decks – simply acquire, learn how to play your army properly, and level up the troops you use the most. Some of them can Ascend, obtaining special combat abilities!

Events provide even more diversity to the traditional castle defense – check them out to see if you can grasp the unusual rules and defeat the foes!

Join one of the clans to receive exclusive rewards! Fight as a clan and advance together as you achieve in both Co-Op and PvP!

Quests make life easier and more enjoyable! Each task accomplished delivers helpful prizes!

Brawl, conquer, win, and triumph! Rush Royale is a touchdown game unlike any other. The Isle of Rhandum is waiting for you!

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Download “Rush Royale” Rush-Royale-mobile – Downloaded 338 times –

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