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Driving a car, playing games, hiking, dancing, cooking and camping!
Anything is possible in this virtual world!
Sounds interesting? Then how about we Play Together?

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Play Together App’s description
Meet new people from all across the world!
Here comes the metaverse realm, where friends from all across the world may congregate! Do you want to play together?

  1. A Playground in the Metaverse!
    Make memories with your pals on our virtual playground!
    Meet new people at the Plaza, go shopping, or play minigames at the Game Center.
    In night, play hide and seek with zombies at the Ghost House, and try to reach the top of the Tower of Infinity at the Camping Ground.
    The Plaza staff will have unique missions for you! Complete the tasks to receive prizes!
    Every day at Play Together is unique!
  1. A Unique Adventure!
    Play Together will take you on a fantastic journey.
    Travel to another country by using a travel agency!
    Make new acquaintances from all around the world and record your travels!
    Take the boat to Forgotten Island to search for the buried treasure!
  2. Throwing a Party at Your House
    Be inventive in decorating your home with furnishings from numerous themes!
    There are numerous vibrant themes to pick from, like Egyptian, Toy Block, Botany, and more!
    When you’ve finished decorating your home, it’s time to throw a House Party!
    The party theme may be whatever you choose!
    There will be a dancing party, a pool party, a culinary lesson, brunch locations, and more!
    Your imagination is the only limit!
  1. Your Own Individual Style and Identity!
    Only you have the ability to define who you are!
    Costumes and accessories allow you to express yourself!
    Skateboards, golf carts, or off-road vehicles? Explore the beach with your adorable pet and buddies!

[Please Keep in Mind] * While Play Together is free, there are optional in-app purchases that may impose extra costs. Please keep in mind that refunds for in-app purchases may be limited depending on the circumstances. Please read the game’s Terms of Service for our usage policy (including refund and service termination policies).

The use of illicit programs, modified applications, and other unauthorized means to access the game may result in service limits, the removal of game accounts and data, claims for reimbursement of damages, and other remedies considered required under the Terms of Service.

Concerning App Access Permissions
The app will ask you for permission to provide access in order to offer you with the game services indicated below.

[Permissions Required]
Access to Files/Media/Photos: This enables the game to save data on your device as well as save any gameplay footage or pictures you take while playing the game.

[How to Restrict Permissions] Android 6.0 and later: Device Settings > Apps > choose an app > App Permissions > give or withdraw permission Android versions lower than 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke the access rights mentioned above, or remove the program.

By following the instructions above, you can cancel your permission for the app to access game files on your device.
You will not be able to configure permissions manually if you are using a device that is less than Android 6.0, thus we recommend that you upgrade your OS to Android 6.0 or above.

[Warning] Removing the appropriate access rights may prohibit you from accessing the game and/or cause the game resources that are running on your device to be terminated.

Play Together App 1.33.0 Update
▶ New content! Let’s Play Together!
• New Costumes and Furniture
• New Fishing Rods
• New Emojis
▶ Play more comfortably!
• Added Report feature to Guest Book
• Added toggle feature(on/off) for All Chat
• Improved the gift list for the “Send Gift”
• Misc. UI and convenience improvements
You can check out the details at the Play Together Official community and from the in-game notice!

Download “Play Together” Play-Together – Downloaded 534 times –

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